Mass Layoff Notification As of January 1, 2006, employers are required to report layoffs of 25 or more if result of vacation or holiday shutdown or company closure.

Effective January 1, 2006, employers are required to report to the NH Dept. of Employment Security layoffs of 25 or more individuals in the same calendar week, if the layoff will last seven days or more. This requirement is the result of RSA 282-A:45-a. Emp Rule 302.13 clarifies the statute. At the time of printing of this article Emp Rule 302.13 was an interim rule.

If the layoff is due to a vacation or holiday shutdown, the employer must report it to the Department within seven business days following the end of the calendar week in which the layoff occurs. If the layoff is because of a company closure, it must be reported within three business days following the end of the calendar week the layoff occurs.

To report a Mass Layoff and/or Seasonal Layoff, go to then go to the Employer section and choose the Business Compliance page. Complete the Mass Layoff/Seasonal Layoff Spreadsheet (employer-shutdown-info.xls) under Report a Mass Layoff/Seasonal Layoff, then FAX to (603) 447-3951.

The information requested includes: employer’s name; including DBA; phone number; employer’s account number; physical location(s); mailing address; reason for the layoff; the calendar week in which the layoff has occurred or is expected to occur; and the total number of individuals laid off or expected to be laid off. In addition, for each individual laid off: first and last name; the individual’s social security number; the last day on which the individual performed services; whether the employer expects the layoff to be permanent or temporary; anticipated reemployment date, if any; and the amount of payments made or expected to be made for wages during and after the calendar week in which the individual last performed services.

The federal government through the Department of Labor requires a separate notice to be filed regarding layoffs of 100 workers or more, called the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Notice). Please visit this link for more information:


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